Monday, March 20, 2017

Set the Stage to Engage... with a Louisiana Flair - Part 2

Last time, I shared with you pics of my room for my first room transformation for Mardi Gras.  Be sure to check out that original post, and don't forget to follow Hope King on Instagram and at Elementary Shenanigans to see the inspiration for these lessons in my room.

Now that you have seen the decoration side of the flip, let's look at the Rigorous Content Tasks.  All of these decorations and immersion into the Mardi Gras culture are sure to grab your students' attention for the long haul - BUT they will NOT teach the content.  That part is still on me!  In order to capitalize on my students' interest in the room, I chose to set up our lessons as a series of group tasks, beat the clock style, instead of the "I do, we do, you do" lesson format intended by the curriculum we are currently using.

Our district is currently using the LearnZillion Guidebook 2.0 unit The Louisiana Purchase (which just happens to be written by yours truly! - within certain perameters outside of my control).  My kiddos are currently starting Lesson 9.  Lessons 9 and 10 use the same texts, but build with each additional close read.

Task 1 - Vocabulary.  The original lesson 9 has students select one of three vocabulary words and complete a graphic organizer that examines the definition of the word, sentence context, context clues, synonyms, antonyms, linguistic structure, and similar words - words that look or sound like the vocabulary word.  Students must also apply their learning of the word with an illustration and new sentence using the word.  To create the group task, I instead printed one vocabualry poster for each group, by enlarging the organizer to 11x17 paper and setting up this problem:

Here are some of the groups at work:

And then we presented some of the posters to the class:

Task 2a - Text Annotation.  Next, the students were given the texts from this lesson, a copy of our "Mark Up the Text" mini-poster, and a graphic organizer.  Students were given these instructions:

And immediately, the groups got to work!

Task 2b - Compare and Contrast Napoleon and Jefferson.  Once groups finished their text annotations, they had to show their work to me.  Everyone needed to have complete, correct (and neat) graphic organizers with LOTS of text annotations.  Most groups were sent back to their tables to correct, revise, or add to their annotations or their organizers.  Once their work was satisfactory to meet the goals of the lesson, students were given Task 2b.  Inside, I gave them a poster of Napoleon and Jefferson, and facts about each leader, and both of them.  I also provided the students with blank cards.  Students were to sort the facts onto the charts in preparation for comosing a compare and contrast essay in future lessons.

Even some of my most reluctant students were all in this day!
Come back again tomorrow to see Part 3!

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