Sunday, April 26, 2015

Revamped Universal Homework Model (Star Homework)

After a LOT of consideration this year I ended up completely deleting ALL homework assignments (cue the gasping and eye rolling).  The kids in my school/district/state are in a total state of turmoil because of the Common Core vs. Anti-Common Core political game that is being played right in front of them.  One of the biggest concerns is the amount of homework given.

Now, before you are all jump through cyberspace to give me what for, let me explain.  I know that many accounts (but not all) are exaggerated.  I also know that math teachers are taking the brunt of this problem, and I teach reading and writing.  I also know that homework is not *really* a Common Core issue.  BUT, I am willing to work with my kids and their parents so that everyone is motivated to continue trying their hardest.  Even though the UHM leaves homework to be totally optional, I still have kids parents feeling like they have to complete everything on the list.  So, kids continue to turn in their homework sloppy and wonder why they don't get credit.  Hmmm..

I noticed another problem as well with my Independent Workstation time in the classroom - it is lacking necessary structure and accountability.

Aha moment of the century...

Drumroll please....


How have I NEVER thought of this before????  It must just be a stroke of pure genius on my part. OR, finally Coach B's real genius is beginning to seep through my computer screen and into my teacher thoughts!

I can NOT wait to try this in my classroom this week!  This idea won't be completely foreign to my kiddos because they have seen the UHM form.  AND, we have been doing stations all year.  This will just give them the umph they need to finish the year strong.  And next year, I plan on implementing it from the beginning and doing another year of no homework!

Of course, I'm attaching a copy just for you! Click HERE to download your copy from my TPT store!