Monday, August 8, 2011

My Own Nephew

My 19-month-old nephew Josiah is DEFINITELY a digital native.  He knows that he can call me from his mommy's phone just by finding my picture, that the phone also stores all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and that it is fun to play on the 'puter (as he says).  My sister took this photo and texted it to me just before Facebooking it to her wall.  Amazing.... and all the while my mission is to inform teachers about using technology in the classroom.  This picture is certainly worth a thousand words.  How can we as educators engage students that come home to all this technology?  What are you doing in your room to challenge the natives?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Interesting Quote

Reading, math and science are the foundations of student achievement. But to compete and win in the global economy, today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders need another set of knowledge and skills. These 21st century skills include the development of global awareness and the ability to collaborate and communicate and analyze and address problems. And they need to rely on critical thinking and problem solving to create innovative solutions to the issues facing our world. Every child should have the opportunity to acquire and master these skills and our schools play a vital role in making this happen.”


Quote from the NCSS Position Statement on 21st Century Skills

“In the twenty-first century, participatory media education and civic education are inextricable” (Rheingold, 2008, p. 103)