Monday, June 16, 2014

National Conference 2014 - Day 1


Day 1 of National Conference 2014 @ Louisiana College in Pineville, LA
One day down... two to go!  Whew!!!!

My brain is on OVERLOAD but my limbic system is overflowing with excitement.  Where do I begin?

1. Mirror updates that I have apparently missed over the last couple of years, but I LOVE so I'm excited I learned them today:

* Mirrors Off - - use when you are done modeling with Mirror Words.  Yay!! An end to those pesky "stragglers" who turn "mirror" into "Monkey See Monkey Do."

* Silent Mirror Mmh - - Instead of just "mirror," it specifies that this mirror is silent.

* Magic Mirror Ooooh - - Listen to my words and make your own gestures.

2. When using Teach-Okay, have the kids say "Ok" as they clap and turn all at the same time.  Don't waste a second!  Or as Coach B says, "Keep that train rollin'!"

3.  There is absolutely NO asking "Who knows number 1?" and calling on one kid and only having one kid talk, or walk to the board.  When you call a kid, point to that kid and say their name.  They stand and say "Class" AS THEY STAND.  The class responds "Yes" and the student you called on answers the question.  When a mistake is made, no sugar coating... no lovey-dovey "that's interesting" when it's not.  You say "Mistake."  Everyone else responds, "You're still cool!" and you immediately correct the mistake.  Repeat and continue.

4. Coach discussed macro skills and micro skills.  In order to master a macro skill, the students must master all the micro skills.  For example, when you want to master swimming, first you must master breathing under water, moving your arms, moving your legs, etc.  The same is true for writing, math, and even lining up in the classroom.  Master the micro skills, to master the macro skills.

5. Class-Boom is a version of Class-Yes that reminds the students to end "Yes" in learning position.

In addition to these wonderful, amazing, life-changing points, Coach B also spent his breakout session for advanced WBTers discussing the new brainies.  A new post will follow later to explain the WBT 2.0 addition of brainies and how to use them in the classroom.

My brain is on overdrive with ideas and a To-Do list a mile long of what all I want to include in my room next year.  I'm not anywhere close to perfect at WBT, but being here with all these people who are so excited and getting to learn from Coach B himself, and all the other presenters has revved me up for another year!  Stay tuned, folks, and keep checking back often!