Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Integrating Technology into Whole Brain Teaching

As I dive into WBT head-on with a new gusto, I am looking for ways to incorporate even more technology, especially into the scoreboard. For a couple of years I have used Class Dojo as a way of tracking points during games, especially review games, and for attendance. It has come a long way with its updates and is truly an amazing site for tracking management.

I was playing around with some of the *new* features last night and then the idea hit me (while I was dreaming of course)---use Class Dojo to track scoreboard points. While the site allows both positive and negative points to be earned, I instead will use only the positive points. Points go to the kids just like smileys and points will go to me just like frownies. The best part about this feature... I can track the points from the computer that projects, my iPad, or even my iPhone. Meaning, I can track scoreboard points no matter where we are or what we are doing. And I won't be constantly losing my pen!!!

Class Dojo is completely free!!! You can add as many kids or classes as you want/need and now parents can log in and check their child's points, if you also choose to use the attendance and behavior features.

The following is a visual tutorial of how to set up a Class Dojo account, create a class, and use the features they offer to tech-nify your WBT scoreboard. (Click HERE for a PDF version that you can print!)

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  1. UPDATE!!!!

    There is now a WBT app in the App Store!! Yahoo! A super easy scoreboard app available for your purchase of $4.99!